Hi. I’m Sophie. A 20-something from Wales currently studying for a PhD in stem cell biology.

Other than science, one of my main passions is travel and I have one serious case of wanderlust! PhD study doesn’t allow much time for travel nor does it leave much money for travel unfortunately – but when I do, I made this blog to document what I got up to as a sort of travel diary for myself, but also as a means to share my good and bad experiences with you – my fellow wanderlust sufferers!

I was watching ‘Eat. Pray. Love.’ back in 2015 and there was one scene that inspired me to finally put pen to paper and write a travel blog! If you haven’t seen it – there is one scene where Julia Roberts is sat having dinner al fresco in the beautiful city of Rome with some pals she had made during her stay. They set themselves a challenge to summarise the city in one word. New York was labelled as Ambition, for example. This got me thinking. This was the perfect way to write my blog posts. Travel and explore. Return home and have time to contemplate what that place meant to me. Summarise my trip in one word. Then finally share it as my blog post! So, you will see that each of my blog posts about the places I’ve visited are entitled with a simple two words – the name of the place and my one word summation! A simple and succinct way of telling you about my experience. It was the right thing for my travel blog. Sometimes these words come to me quicker than others, and only once I know which word fits will the blog post be published – so you will have to stay patient with me while you’re waiting on specific posts. But I hope you like the layout and inspiration behind my blog and would love it if you shared your ‘one word’ with me if you have been to the same places πŸ™‚


I haven’t traveled that far or wide (yet!), but take a look at some of the trips I’ve made since starting this blog and share your experiences with me and the world πŸ™‚


Passports at the ready and take a virtual trip around the world with me!



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