The postcard project. 2016 update.

Another year has passed, and a year of travel opportunities has finished.

2016 was not very travel heavy for me unfortunately 😦 I watched the Euros in France in the summer which you can see in my upcoming Toulouse blog but that was my only international travel. So I thought it was time for an update on The postcard project.

My wonderful noticeboard, or as I like to call it my memory board, is where I am currently proudly displaying all of my postcards to document my travels – as well as wedding momentos, baby photos and some of my favourite photos that I didn’t have room for in the many many photo frames I have around my house! But this second picture is my 2016 postcard project update for 2016.


Yes I know! It’s just a measly two little postcards! But for a PhD student trying to travel as much as her budget will stretch – this is a mini achievement! Obviously, I have visited more than just Brighton in the UK, but I never really considered buying postcards from UK cities. As we were walking along the seafront in Brighton last July, I spotted the postcards as we were buying some interesting flavours of rock – think garlic bread and Jagermeister! But I then thought to myself – why aren’t I collecting postcards from the UK too? So I bought one! In fact I bought many to share on myΒ PostcrossingΒ hobby and with some penpals too, but saved one of my favourites!

So, now, as well as all the international places that I have visited before I started this souvenir collection – I need to get hold of ones from the UK too πŸ˜› Got to love a challenge!


So, there it is! Evidence that my postcard project is growing slowly but surely! And I am very excited to see what new ones I can get hold of in 2017! There are a couple that I am super excited to share with you – but watch out for upcoming blog posts this year!



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