Travelling through your letterbox.

Travelling is great! And one of my favourite things to do! But it is expensive! Luckily, I’ve discovered other opportunities to discover local traditions, new cultures and stunning places on a student budget. I have discovered the Postcrossing project.

What is postcrossing?

Postcrossing describes itself as ‘send a postcard and receive a postcard back from a random person in the world’! It is as simple as that!

I have only been signed up for 3 months or so now and my collection is expanding every single day! This is a photo of my collection so far (in fact, my collection is probably double this now as I took this photo a while ago) and you can see there are cards from all over the world and I’m learning about so many different people! But how does it work? And how can you get involved?

Step 1 – Make a profile

Obviously to join most things online, you need a profile. You can do this at You need a username, an address so you can receive postcards, what languages you can understand and a little bit about yourself and the types of postcards you are interested in (although you cannot make outright requests for specific postcards)!

Step 2 – Request an address

Now you are ready to start sending postcards!! 🙂

As a new member, you are allowed to have 5 postcards travelling at one time. This number increases with the number of cards you send! You can request an address by going to the ‘Send a postcard’ link in the menu. There are some notes you need to read and then you are ready to click on the ‘Request address’ button. The address of your first recipient will be sent to you as well as a Postcard ID! It is VERY important that you write this on your postcards, because this is the number the recipient will need to register that your postcard has arrived at its destination!

Step 3 – Write a postcard

Once you have the address and the postcard ID, you can now write your message on your postcard to send! I always take a look at the profile of the receiver to see what their hobbies and interests are and which types of postcards interest them so I can try and send a message and/or postcard that suits him or her as much as possible!

Step 4 – Send your postcard, and wait!

Card written. Check.

Postcard ID written. Check.

Stamped. Check

Then your postcard is ready to send! Once sent, the hardest part starts… waiting to receive a postcard in return! Once your first postcard has arrived at its destination and been registered by the receiver, your address is released! So from now on you can also expect your first card!


Yes it’s not the same as being there and travelling to all these places! But learning about different people around the world, the towns and cities they live in and the things they like to do there has just got to put a smile on your face!

It’s just so lovely to get home from work and not see a pile of bills lying on the doormat! But little bits of magic in your mailbox that are going to teach you something beautiful about the world!

Hopefully I’ve given you a clear explanation of one of my newest hobbies. So all I can say now is:

Happy Postcrossing 🙂


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