Barbados. Chill.

My first trip of 2017 and my first trip to the Caribbean. Almost two weeks full of sun, sea, cocktails… and a proposal! The island of Barbados; the most easterly of the Caribbean islands, is made of coral and often imagined by tourists as a tropical paradise of turquoise blue sea and white sandy beaches. […]

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Toulouse. Rustic.

Summer 2016 and Europe is flush with football fever as the Euros come to France. Me being a massive Francophile and loving anything to do with France and its beautiful language had always longed to visit this country properly rather than just travel through it on a bus on our way to orchestra tours in […]

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Prague. Fairytale.

Being a December baby, there’s little opportunity to have birthday celebrations amongst work Christmas parties, people going away for the holidays and pre-planned events people attend, and so I don’t really do much for my birthdays more recently. But last year I had one of the best birthday presents and celebrations I’ve had in a […]

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Pisa. Tourist.

As you may know by now, I spent 8 days last September on a mini road trip in Italy – from Rome to Florence and back again. But when we were based in Florence, we decided that being that close to Pisa and not visiting would be criminal! So, on our penultimate day in Florence, […]

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Travelling through your letterbox.

Travelling is great! And one of my favourite things to do! But it is expensive! Luckily, I’ve discovered otherΒ opportunities to discover local traditions, new cultures and stunning places on a student budget. I have discovered the Postcrossing project. What is postcrossing? Postcrossing describes itself as ‘send a postcard and receive a postcard back from a […]

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